Cover Story


Reported by: Anuvab Chattopadhyay

*Disclaimer- This is a work of reality enmeshed fiction and a continuation of the first episode by the same name. Characters do not bear any resemblance to living individuals or public figures. This piece contains graphic violence, sex and other forms of underbelly trauma. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Something brushed against my pants in the dark. What the!!! Was it a mouse? I sat up for the hundredth time it seemed. They told me I only had to spend one night…It seemed like an eternity to me…OC Rajinder Kumar was whistling a tune as he came into my cell or was it a guest bedroom? Going by the hapless, urine caked, dropping laced living quarters of prisoners, I was given a relatively cleaner unit to put up for the night. Sadhon Da’s men sent fresh clothes and even a packet of biryani. Party clout matters you see..I was the one after all who got the most votes in that pot bellied drunken Sadhon Da’s assembly constituency.

“Get up motherfucker” Kumar commanded as another constable grinned at me.

“What? Why?”

“Sale Chutiye, VVIP ward main bohut aaraam kiya hain. Kal toh chut jayega..Uske aagey thoda masti toh mar lete” (You’ve been relaxing in the VVIP ward. You’ll be let off tomorrow as it is. Let’s have some fun prior tovVIP RACISM your release)

“What do you mean Kumar Ji?..You see Sadhon Da told me..”

“Shut up son of a bitch! You fucked that juicy bitch I had my eyes on all the while…” The constable grabbed my arms while Kumar squashed my penis. “Tell me were her tits? Better than your wife’s jhula hua Alfonso? (Better than your wife’s sagging Alphonso mangoes?)

“Kya kar rahe aap..Chodie mujhe..” (What are you doing? Let me go!)

“Oh shut dare speak a word and I’ll father your next child…Tell me how was it putting this flimsy dick into that sexy Randi’s (prostitute’s) shit-hole…Tell me…Sale..all the enjoyment you had alone…you got the cherry on the cake..Bastard..motherfucker

I could hardly bear my manhood being squeezed and twisted till it hurt like hell..All I remember are blows and more blows till darkness fell suddenly like the setting sun….


I woke up to find Sadhon Da’s chief lieutenant Pintu inside.

“Ki hoeche tor baal?” (What happened to you?)

I was waiting to burst out but remembered that mother fucker Kumar’s threats regarding my wife..keeping shut was the only option..heaven save that bastard..let me just get out of here and he’ll see who he’s dealing with..

”Kichuna..ondhokare pore gechilam…” (Nothing..fell down in the dark) I mumbled

“Anyway, I had a talk with Sadhon Da himself this morning. You will stay here for at least three-four more days..”

“Pintu!!! They told me it was one night..hey I got the votes..I put Sadhon Da where he belongs..what the fuck is this..”

prison_abuse_081710-thumb-640xauto-675“Oh shut up…rape korbi kor..sala gandur moto case kheli..” (Rape if you got trapped like an idiot)

I was steadily trying to assess the situation..Here was Pintu relegating me to a few more days in jail with that bastard Sadhon’s blessings…Pintu went on with his tirade for a few more moments…

“Number 1 fool you are…last time Khoka and Panku both picked up two girls at Polar Ghat…Jhope gie mere elo magider..kichu bolar aagei bhoye mukh bondo..(Fucked them in the bushes..they were silenced out of fear before even daring to say anything)….You should have told Sadhon Da…He’d have got you in touch with that slut Moon..she’d have got you a similar girl on Sadhon Da’s tab. Kaj korchish..magi chudbi..chod..sala open goli te hothat loker shamne chudli..palalio na…orom keu bosh thake..ei ami je ato phone kore toke sala aagle rakhlam…(You are working hard..want to fuck a girl..go ahead but why in an open lane where people could spot you…you didn’t even flee..just sat there I am making some many phone calls to get you in here, sheltered)”

“What happens now?” I interrupted Pintu

“The girl’s family is not opening their doors..The boys broke their windows..they’ll withdraw the complaint soon..Kumar will get a bundle from Sadhon’ll have to stay here for some’ll be all right soon..”

All of a sudden, the dank and dreary cell seemed to be closing in on me..I remember Kumar’s tirades and how he’d secretly torture me each night till I was out…I wanted an instant release..I’d had enough…Oh the price you pay for one free fuck…that too after being a party henchman…I wanted an instant release…

Pintu left, promising to come back later.

I had to do something and do something fast….I could not bear it in the cell any longer..Once I’d be out, matters could be streamlined further. That fatso Sadhon is nothing without me..he’d anyway support me no matter what. And I was forfeiting my annual party dole for my 15 minutes of pleasure..I had earned it…

And then an epiphany hit me..I suddenly knew what to do.

I summoned one of the constables who lived near my place..He was anyway shit scared of me and had a young wife at home so he’d better behave..

“Ai Naved…tor cellphone ta de toh..bou ke phone korbo..” (Give me your cellphone Naved..I’ll call my wife)


“Chup sala..ja bolchi kor..nale akbar berole kintu..(Do what I’m saying or once I’m out..)

He handed it over to me without any fuss

My wife picked up on the third ring

“Hello?”..(must have been crying stupid bitch)

“It’s me. Get me the number…”

“Are you allright? What have you done this time?”

“Just shut up silly woman! Do what I say..bring me the number right now..”

I cut the line.


An hour passed. It felt like ages. I was steadily drawing into my own world…

Flashing lights..those big juicy tits white and bouncing..thrusting inside her..her thighs wet with my sperm..her motionless body..some elderly bugger shouting out…lights coming on..sitting there in  a daze wanting to do it all over again..sirens..slaps..more shouting..complaint..FIR…a mild buzzing in my groin..she was a virgin that one…oh God! Double the pleasure! But here I was..paying the price for my right to freedom…

“Can I come in?” My wife’s meek voice broke my reverie

“Have you brought what I asked?”

“ it is…” (she was crying)

“Don’t cry silly bitch..nothing’s gone wrong..Just go home and tell them that the opposition framed me including any reporters who may bug you..Handle it properly or I’ll cut your throat out..”

She just left without saying a word.


The Queen’s Command

Here it instant need to listen to Pintu, Sadhon Da and all those party chaps when I could checkmate everything with one shot…God knows I saved this paper for friends called it my ticket and ticket it is…I whistled and called Kumar

“Here take this son of a bitch and call on the number written there”

He just took a long hard look at it and gave me a burning look…no point harami..I’m going to be out soon and bust your ass..

Robi-Da’s immortal song burst out on my lips..”Jodi tor daak shune keu na aashey..tobe ekla cholo re…”

I heard Kumar muttering something into the phone. He was an obedient nursery kid all of a sudden….I could see the constables coming to my cell…

As the cell doors clanged open, Saptarshi, a senior state government official and undercover online mole finished tapping a rather interesting conversation garnered from the Supremo’s Office……………………………………..

To be continued….

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