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Reported by: Titas Ghosh & Anuvab Chattopadhyay

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She was out on the streets, wearing a pair of shorts. And her legs were showing, which of course meant that she wanted the lecherous man ogling her, inside her, to bite on her lips, and leave scratches all over her body. And when he was done with her, she must never leave her house again. Why of course, her honour is in her vagina. Welcome to India!

A demonstrator holds a placard as she takes part in a protest rally in New Delhi

imaIn this country our women are given the same status as is given domesticated animals. As long as a cow can produce milk, it is worshipped and considered religious. But the moment the milk production stops, it is slaughtered and served as beef steak. Well, who knows, maybe that’s way above the line from a religious perspective. Much in the same manner, so long as a woman is fertile, she is considered as the ‘deity of the house’. But once menopause hits, she is just some old lady making up stories. So a 65-year old woman is raped and murdered. But the accused must be let off. Why not? The victim and the deceased had been drinking alcohol. Oh how dare she! Not just that, there were not enough injuries on her body to convict the accused. So, she must not have protested. Hence the intercourse was not forced, rather consensual. Yes, women in our country are treated with a lot of respect, especially the older lot. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for our beloved judges of the Delhi High Court!image008

Actually, it’s not rape. It never is. In our society, women are supposed to be submissive, polite, gentle, one who spends all her time looking after her family, her husband, in-laws, kids, siblings. But what is to be done when they do not go by the moral code of conduct? Wearing a dress that shows her cleavage or consuming alcohol with a man of course means she is the “bad” kind of woman, a woman who needs to be taught a lesson, who needs to be conformed to her position. And so, the man does it because he is supposed to be the dominant, aggressive, egoistic and strong personality. If anything, we should teach our daughters to not go out there and get raped, instead of teaching the boys to not rape a woman. Women should be beaten by patriarchy to be subjected to the gender specific roles. Besides being compliant and dutiful, a lady must also stop seducing a juvenile into raping her, because of course he’ll be let off easily. “Oh he’s just 17; he probably didn’t even know what he was doing. She must’ve provoked him.” Clearly.

Indian mythologies have always described a woman in this ideal, patriarchal sense. There is Mahabharata in which the woman, who was shared by five brothers, was bartered as a pawn in a game of gambling. Then we have Ramayana, where the woman was made to prove her chastity, her purity after being in the captivity of a heinous monster. So basically, men do whatever they do out of a desire for control. And our myths have taught us that it is only natural. He’s a “MAN” after all.

What do you have to say about a woman who works late into the night? What kind of work culture is that? Infact, why does a woman need to work at all when she has a husband? To be honest, if there is anybody who needs to be blamed it is women. They give birth to men, don’t they? Hence, female foeticide is justified.

No matter what happens, the Indian “nari” must never forget that the man is never the culprit, she is.

No women. No rape.

Well, it’s India. People can’t kiss in public, but men can piss in public. Incredible India!118976017_India_369217c