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Compiled by: Soumyo Das & Rwik Dutta Chowdhury

 1 year.

11 editions.

111 stories.


As On The Rox completes a year, with 1 being the recursive element in its numbers, we bring to you a short history of the magazine company, an e-magazine, which still is in a nascent stage of media resource in the country.

 OTR 1

Founded on the 21st of September, 2013 by two friends, Anuvab Chattopadhay and Arunava Chakraborty, On the Rox is an online magazine dedicated to the city of Kolkata. What started out as 4 member hobbyist pages has now metamorphosed into a 30 person strong regiment of writers, photographers and people who act as a bridge between the magazine and the public – the public relation managers. This exponential growth is best answerable by the fact that OTR, since its inception has been selective about what it publishes, where all articles are closely scrutinised for plagiaristic approaches. Also the excellent managerial undertakings bear testimony to the fact that articles are published regularly and with vivid inputs.


Another feather to the crown was added on the 17th day of July of 2014 when OTR became a licensed franchisee which gave it the power to act as an independent company, vitalising its power to invest, get funded and induct abiding by the norms of the Government.

 OTR 3

Talking about content, OTR has been more of a magazine oriented towards the youth. Much impetus has been given on current issues like social causes, happenings and trends. Hence alongside articles themed upon different time legacies, OTR also has been a part of numerous fests and socio-cultural events, acting as an online media partner. Very recently, OTR partnered with BSS, a premier institution of the city for its annual cult-event. Also Gaan Abohomaan, a musical evening by the highs and the eminent of the Bengali music fraternity was a major project undertaken by OTR’s Event section. With projects coming big and bounty, it sure is on the fast rolling track.


The magazine focuses mainly on the youth, and hence steps have been taken to involve more and more youth with the otr 5franchisee. Gaming events like Pratikul – a Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament were organised which saw mass participation from the people of the geek gaming fraternity. Besides, the magazine tries to take into consideration the monthly happenings in the city to design the themes, thus enabling people to be psychologically and emotionally synchronised with the period and the writing, thus creating a smooth interface between the content they read and the surrounding waves of events.


The magazine also has also tried to bring out the charm of old Kolkata, and hence our editions consist of places of interest, of heritage in the food, art and travel sector. Major and famous restaurants, places of national importance, the underlying art of Bengal are exploited with detailed description and first hand experiences and photographs. The latest in fashion try to bring out the art of contemplation and elegance associated with it. Also sports make up an important part of our monthly issue, with updates being issued regularly with impetus given to the most recent happenings.

 otr 6

Following a series of mishaps in the city, mostly related directly to youth involvement and or injustice, a new segment – a special page has been added which deals with raising our voices against injustice, corruption and social taboos. A few more sections are expected to come up shortly, to enhance a smooth flow of communication and involvement of the readers with the magazine and thus enhance the total reading experience.


With a monthly readership over 3500, OTR sure has come a long way from the day it was inaugurated. We hope to keep you hooked with more and more interesting articles. Till then, make sure you pay a visit to our anniversary celebrations on the 1st of November, 2014 at Gyan Manch where a slew of dignitaries are expected to be a part of.


Till then, adieu!